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Matthew Lysiak: How Money Printing Destroys Our Health and Enables Endless War

Does it feel like a dollar isn't worth a dollar anymore?

Does it feel like a dollar isn't worth a dollar anymore? 

At first, inflation feels good for some of us. 

Homeowners see their houses rapidly increase in nominal price, the stock market appears to rise, even used cars and trucks sitting in the driveway growing older somehow appear to become more valuable. 

But when you fill up your cart at the grocery store, pay for skyrocketing insurance and tax bills, and account for rapid and permanent increases in housing, energy and all the other costs of living, you start to feel the sting of runaway inflation

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Federal Reserve, in the past three years groceries are up 20% across the board, gas is up 45%, Energy is up 38% and credit card debt is up 45%

This would all be well and good if our salaries doubled overnight. 

Has yours? 

Debasement of our currency has eroded our standard of living, degraded nutrients in our food supply, and left us poorer and sicker than any time in recent history. 

Fiat inflation is a hidden tax lobbied without your consent, eroding the spending power of every dollar you've ever earned. 

In a debt-based fiat system, saving is a losing strategy. Increasingly, we're incentivized to spend immediately, not save. Corporations are incentivized to borrow, not earn. 

With cheaper access to massive low interest debt, the ruling class is able to gleefully strip mine any remaining wealth from the middle and lower classes. 

Since 1900, our dollar has lost nearly 99% of its spending power. 

This is not an accident. 

In 1900, a single dollar could buy a pair of patent leather shoes, a woman's house dress or even be saved with confidence. The average American could afford to eat 175 pounds of meat a year, mostly beef, as well as plenty of eggs, bacon and sausage. 

Collectively, our heart health was also far better. 

By 1972, we ate 104 pounds of red meat a year, and as of 2019, our consumption was cut in half to just 56 pounds. 

Since then, obesity and disease has become widespread in adults and children alike as our quality of life has deteriorated. 

Using propaganda from fraudulent studies, monetary distortions and backward subsidies, the collusion of government, industry and special interests has intentionally shifted diets away from healthful whole foods and nutrient dense meats to industrial seed oils, GMO grains, and fake meats. 

Doritos, Lucky Charms and plant-based fake meats don't increase in price nearly as quickly as real food like beef and veggies. 

For corporations, selling highly processed industrial products is much more profitable than selling meat. 

As our guest this week quips, “You can print Doritos like you can print fiat dollars.” 

Real food, though, has become cost prohibitive for many of us, so we eat processed industrial junk instead. 

This hurts people, especially kids. 

Thanks to government manipulation of food prices and top-down dietary recommendations, our mass consumption of ultra processed foods understates the rate of inflation in our food system and makes us sicker, allowing Big Food and Big Pharma to profit on both sides. 

As it turns out, feeding people poison and managing their sickness is big business. 

But this story goes far deeper than just Big Food and Big Pharma. 

Unchecked inflation has not only undermined real purchasing power and destroyed our health, but the fiat dollar has also enabled endless war profiteering without the consent of the people

The most powerful weapon ever conceived by man is the fiat money printer

Today we're here with Matthew Lysiak, a nationally recognized investigative journalist, crime reporter and award-winning author of the brilliant new book Fiat Food which unravels the shocking history of how inflation destroyed our health, our food system, and our quality of life. 

In this episode, you will discover: 

  • How a 100 year conspiracy and propaganda campaign by anti-meat religious groups, the medical industrial complex and politicians hijacked our food system for profit

  • Why observational studies on diet and health are misleading and are often weaponized for political and financial gain

  • How mainstream media and religious groups manipulate nutritional science to control public health

  • Why the government masks the true cost of inflation resulting from severing ties to the gold standard

  • Why the public school system deprives kids of proper nutrition

  • And much more…

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