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Govinda Tidball: Health Sovereignty, Medical Privacy & Web5 Technology

How to break free of censorship, weaponized algorithms, and top-down control

What do you think of censorship? 

It's a bizarre and uncomfortable feeling when some unelected, self-appointed anonymous party behind the curtain decides what you're not allowed to say or learn. 

We live in a world where little people like us are legally responsible for every word we put online. But when our overlords in Big Tech censor potentially life-saving information, should they be held to the same standard?

And who exactly decides what's true and what's not? 

After I was censored and shadowbanned by multiple platforms during the pandemic, a wise friend reminded me that “the closer you are to the truth, the more likely you are to be censored.” 

When incentives are upside down, big tech and the government don't censor lies, they censor the truth… and attack the reputation and livelihoods of those who dare speak it. 

So if we’re responsible for every word we say online, Big Tech should be held legally accountable for every word they’ve ever censored. Especially when it’s clear that they have been intentionally suppressing honest conversations and critical, true, and timely information that could save lives.

The downfalls of our current system are becoming obvious to even those with the most stubborn case of Stockholm Syndrome. 

So who will hold the big tech censors, medical tyrants, half-alive politicians, and pot-bellied, turtlenecked billionaires accountable? 

And how can we take back responsibility for our own health, well-being and survival? 

The truth is that it’s on us to build parallel systems as the current medical-industrial complex based on profit, exploitation and upside-down incentives falls apart.

There are many reasons to be optimistic for the future. Our guest this week is a visionary building solutions to help reclaim our digital lives from the grip of Big Tech, prioritizing sovereignty, privacy, and freedom for individuals.

Today we’re here with Govinda Tidball, a former United Nations Senior Advisor with the World Food Programme and Director of the Ministry of Health in America, an organization committed to re-establishing individual health sovereignty.

Govinda served as a team member of the Disrupt Hunger Global Challenge in Germany, he co-founded Sri Lanka’s national Emergency Medical Service and call center, and has been involved in global counter human trafficking efforts for over fifteen years. 

A man of many talents, Govinda is also a former world-class athlete, television host, radio personality, public speaker, and was even involved in the fashion industry for a time.

In this episode, you'll discover:

  • Why America's medical system is an underperforming outlier with poor outcomes and low life expectancy despite astronomical costs

  • The promise of Web5 technology, which incorporates decentralization and privacy to combat top-down control, censorship and weaponized algorithms

  • How to incentivize actual health, rather than the current system of running bodies through the medical system for profit

  • Simple steps to plan ahead for economic and environmental disasters

  • How to take back responsibility for our own health and well-being, instead of blindly following authority figures

  • And much more…

Where To Find Govinda Tidball

Go to to learn about the mission, sign-up for a complimentary membership, and much more.

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What do you think of this conversation with Govinda? Drop us a line and share your thoughts in the comments below!

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