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Dr. Jack Kruse: Reclaim Your Health, Wealth & Freedom in the Face of Medical Tyranny

How medical freedom laws and constitutional amendments are shaping the future of healthcare

In the face of creeping medical tyranny, a rapidly devaluing dollar, rampant tech addiction and an epidemic of chronic disease, what can we do to reclaim our health, wealth and freedom? 

We're back today with our friend Dr. Jack Kruse, a respected neurosurgeon, author, mitochondriac and pioneer in medical freedom. 

Dr. Kruse was one of the very first guests on this podcast all the way back in 2012 when we first launched, and this is probably our most expansive, spicy and eyebrow raising public conversation to date. 

If you haven't already, I encourage you to go back and listen to Dr. Jack's prior episodes here (2023) and here (2012), as these conversations are largely cumulative. 

In this episode with Dr. Jack Kruse, we explore: 

  • How mind control research led to modern surveillance capitalism

  • How light and electricity is used to control human and animal behavior

  • How technology and algorithms are weaponized for social engineering

  • The dangers of exposure to blue light and non-native electromagnetic frequencies

  • The startling risks of using virtual reality headsets, bluetooth earbuds, smartphones and brain implants

  • How to decentralize your health and your wealth 

  • The sordid untold history of government corruption that enabled creeping medical tyranny, financial manipulation and forever wars

  • How medical freedom laws and constitutional amendments can shape the future of healthcare

  • And much more…

Let's hang out with Uncle Jack. 

A quick note. This episode might get us into trouble. 

This conversation is nearly 3 hours long, and Jack does a deep dive into many subjects that the technocrats don't want us talking about. 

Now, just because I'm airing this show doesn't mean that I condone, agree with, or even understand every point. And of course, this is not meant to be financial or medical advice. 

We offer this conversation uncensored and in its entirety, so that you can be the judge of what's true and what's not. 

I'm not here to censor my guests, and in my experience knowing Dr. Kruse for more than 12 years, Jack does his absolute best to be directionally accurate. 

But here's a question for you: As you listen, if the disturbing claims made in this conversation are true, what does it say about the levels of corruption within our highest political and health institutions, and what can we do to expose the truth and restore real accountability and power to the people? 

Where To Find Dr. Jack Kruse

Watch past interviews with Dr. Jack Kruse on the show: 

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