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Anjan Katta: Creating A Computer That’s Actually Good for Us

What if technology made our lives better instead of worse?

What if technology actually made our lives better instead of worse? 

When you're scrolling non-stop on your phone, do you ever feel like you're at the casino? 

If you've ever opened 200 tabs on your browser, stared blankly into a screen, or doom-scrolled the day away, you know exactly what I'm talking about

Modern computers and smartphones are evolutionarily mismatched to our biology. Algorithms have been weaponized against us, using our attention as a currency for advertisers and top-down social agendas. 

As a result, our use of modern phones, tablets, computers and social media have led to increasing depression, anxiety and social isolation. 

So why would you create a new tablet computer that's heavier, thicker, lacks color and has no camera or microphone? 

Because it's actually better for you. 

We're here today with Anjan Katta, visionary founder and inventor of Daylight Computer, a groundbreaking hardware technology company that has created the world's very first blue light-free, high-refresh rate computer that respects our health, attention and freedom.

By prioritizing simplicity, honesty and ethics, the next generation of founders is creating devices that are less likely to be addictive or harmful.

In this episode, we explore: 

  • Why modern blue-lit devices and screens are so addictive

  • How artificial blue light alters our production of dopamine and disrupts our circadian rhythm

  • Why surveillance resistant devices are the way of the future

  • The potential for innovative technology to enhance rather than detract from our wellbeing 

  • And much more…

I hope you enjoy this episode with Anjan, brought to you Ad-Free in video and audio as a thanks for joining us on my brand-spankin’ new Substack.

Where to Find Anjan and Daylight Computer

Anjan and the good folks at Daylight just launched their first tablet, and I highly recommend it. 

After using the Daylight tablet for the last month, it's become my favorite device for reading and writing outside, as well as for reading chords and lyrics during musical performances (especially after sundown… videos coming soon)!  

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